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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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umpire. game that big and dramatic with a crowd that loud and rowdy is not quite what he's used to. he here he is as an official with a california community college system of long way from the nfl. with regular nfl officials sidelined, the replacements are not quietly filling in, but making news somewhere every week. last night it was the monday night game between the packers and seahawks and a controversial game ending touchdown called because the president to weigh in today. he called on both sides to resolve their labor dispute. sunday night, controversial penalties cost the stadium crowd to chant a certain word that will not be repeated here. of the seven replacement healed here, it appears only one, the field judge has the experience of major college games. he is a retired official from the pack 12 conference. the other officiating time and
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smaller colleges and high school conferences. one of them worked a year in division 3. the referee on sunday night, the main official, was -- has had a tough go of that in the nfl. he mistakenly given extra time out to the seahawks in their game against the cardinals. before taking on his role as a replacement, he typically worked high-school games in california. >> of the ravens are on national tv again on thursday night, a game you will see here. a facebook campaign is circulating to get fans to leave their seats for the first few minutes of the game to show the league they won't stand for another week of replacement officials. >> the ravens take on the browns thursday night. if you don't have tickets, we happen to have a front row seat for you. live coverage begins with the
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ravens countdown right here on wbal. a baltimore county executive and the police chief are speaking out about their private-like situation sunday morning. he was blaming the theater owners for licensing the route to a third party and is threatening their liquor license. we've got the latest now from downtown towson. >> witnesses described as a chaotic scene. streets like allegheny street here were mobbed with people. pending the outcome of a police investigation, the county executive says it is possible the theater could go in front of the liquor board to face sanctions. this as area businesses are defending the theater. an active downtown towson towson tuesday afternoon just days after what some called a
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riot-like situation. this video shows people being chased by police dogs. according to police, around 12:30 on sunday morning, the theater which was hosting a private event reached capacity. when people were turned away, fights broke out and one person and that getting shot. five people have been arrested. police estimate more than 2500 people swelled outside the theater. >> there is nothing wrong with downtown towson and there's nothing wrong with the vast majority of the businesses that operate in downtown towson. there's nothing wrong with our college students. >> the county executive and the police chief addressed the media, placing blame on the owner of the theater, saying he subcontracted the theater to a third party. he said the county may go after his liquor license. >> you are responsible for what takes place in your premises as well as outside your premises and if there are actions that
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are connected to those premises, we are going to hold the liquor license holders responsible. >> he told me to tell you he has no comment. >> we tried to speak to him about the allegations, but he declined to comment. according to the council representing the national chapter of the fraternity, the baltimore county chapter hosted the event which he describes as a dance and clothing drive and had nothing to do with the violence. police say the university had nothing to do with shia and and most in attendance were not from the area. >> -- nothing at today to with it. >> as far as area businesses are concerned, a majority stand by the theater, saying it has done a lot for the community. >> we've never had a situation like this before.
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they have invested his millions of dollars into their establishment here and they are not going to want to do anything to harm the community. >> council representing the fraternity said it was an adult graduate fraternity and not affiliated with any university. in the meantime, police say they have not made an arrest as far as the shooter. they could not tell us how long it would take. >> thank you. a casino may be one step closer to becoming a reality as a general manager has been named to night and the project developers are talking about expansions. let's go live to downtown baltimore for the latest. >> the new gm was announced today. the project is $375 million and
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the casino is set to open in 2014. there's still plenty of questions about expanding gaming in the state. it's at the new banner that will soon boast the location of the baltimore casino. it's the backdrop of the stadium and it's not much to look at right now. >> not yet, but and a few months, will have a few thousand construction workers on the site. >> this is the new general manager. along with the construction job, he says they will hire 1200 permanent employees and have 3500 video slot machines. >> i'm excited for what this casino will mean for this area. when the casino is here, it's going to make way for other ancillary businesses. >> its about 25 years overdue. we've been losing too much money to surrounding states because of the gaming issue.
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we have begun to put a tourniquet on average we have had anywhere from $600 million to $800 million a year. >> they're looking to add to table games like poker and blackjack. that proposition up for approval would it call for gaming and open up another casino in prince george's county. skeptics worry about the allotment for education funding. >> the biggest -- the biggest thing here is about what happens with the lottery money. they will talk about and campaign on that, but not one single syllable was put into law. this money for the education trust fund is in the law. >> traffic is an issue in the area when the ravens and the orioles play. they say they will have a traffic plan ready before the
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casino opens. >> in tonight's education alert, another teacher shortage. it is especially critical in certain subjects. >> it those critical subjects "rate -- range from math to world bank which is. we've got more on that story. >> baltimore county is just one of a number of school districts. >> i was home school until i was in the fifth grade. she went back to school to get her master's in education. >> they're getting hands-on experience at eastern technical high school. had thising we have opportunity in our education system. we can going to college with a head start. >> it was really fun getting to work with them and getting to know them.
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it's the kind of program they believe will help deal with a teacher shortage. especially in critical areas that turned up in that new staffing report. subjects like math, computer science, science areas like physics and chemistry, special- education, english as a second language, and world languages. this math teacher is evidence of what is possible. >> i love where i am. love teaching and i love the building and in. the kids are great. i like it a lot. >> he got his start with a baltimore county scholarship to encourage high school students to choose a teaching career. >> we think is really cool a former graduate our school would be able to come back and be a teacher. the faculty is very excited about it. especially teachers to have him as a student here. >> more than 100 high-school students are setting their
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sights on teaching. >> i demand -- there already planning lessons and designing activities and it's really nice. >> the state is going after people who would consider teaching as a second career. to see the entire report, log onto our web site,, and click on education. >> foreign-policy is the focus in tonight pasqua been 20 will report. >> how the candidates are responding to issues around world. -- are around the world. >> a day of rest turns into a day of work -- we will tell you why it later in sports. >> some nice sunshine today -- sunshine today. clds and
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>> today, the focus is on foreign policy for the race to the white house. >> present a of a truck -- president obama address the united nations and it romney is shared the stage with a foe to promote his economic plan. >> recent polling shows the president has the edge when it comes to foreign policy and it romney is working hard to change that. addressing the united nations -- >> a crude and disgusting video -- >> president obama called the violence that left a u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead and attack on
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america. >> there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> while the speech was liver before foreign leaders, it was also aimed at american voters. >> the fear for obama politically is that america sees him as weak, which is why he gives more of a hard line, firm stance at the united nations today. >> met romney addressed the clinton global initiative, unveiling a new approach to foreign aid that target barriers to investment and trade in developing nations. >> in exchange for removing barriers and opening markets to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> he joked about sharing the stage with a political adversary. >> if there is one thing we have learned in this election season, it's that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of dead. >> the appearance may indeed help romney. >> it could be a boost if l
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allows people who are tentative about romney seeing him address a prestigious international group. >> both campaigns will be in ohio on wednesday. romney arrived this afternoon, kicking off a two day bus tour. the president gets there tomorrow afternoon. i hope you had a chance to get outside. maybe things are not so picture- perfect as far as outdoor activities go. i was comfortable for sure. a little on the chilly side. we ended up right in the neighborhood of a typical late september day in the baltimore area. it is still nice outside. it's 70 degrees and hagerstown. western maryland already picking up clouds and showers and that
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has helped cool temperatures often to the upper 50s. showers have been weakening in the past couple of hours but a sprinkle or two could come through baltimore later tonight as the clouds are increasing and the wet weather is not too far away. overnight tonight, increasing cloudiness and shower chances go up after midnight. lows tonight in the '50s to around 60. not nearly as cool as last night. the blanket of clouds will keep it in. with the stalled out frontal boundary here, the risk of a shower will be with us for a few days. scattered showers between 3:00 and 4:00 and a chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and evening. the lure eastern shore will hold on to sunshine and we'll have to deal with showers. the front is still in our area and it looks like it will stall. that means clout than the occasional shower tracking
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through into thursday evening. we cannot give it the all clear for ravens football, but spotty activity and it doesn't look like a complete washout. the heaviest of the showers are expected to stay west of the mountains. you can see a little part of southern pennsylvania, mostly out into the ohio valley and mostly maryland indicating half an inch or less over the next couple of days. light scattered showers but i would not be surprised to hear some thunder tomorrow afternoon. warmer with highs near 80 degrees as those southerly winds increase up to 20 knots. a small craft advisory is in effect tomorrow. in western maryland, a little rain tomorrow. off and on showers and highs in the '60s for the next few days. that eastern shore, a sprinkle the tonight and an afternoon storm tomorrow. the coastal areas will get rain
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later. one more night stay down at the beach before the showers arrive at a 20% chance arawn ocean city thursday and friday. close to 80 degrees tomorrow. cooler with a chance of a sprinkle on thursday. raid chances go back up friday into the weekend with highs in the '70s. should try out nicely on monday and tuesday. infrom the raven's center ellen's mills, it's not business as usual. the players typically get the day off but today there were enough practice field as they make the quick turn from some that i against the patriots to thursday night against the browns. the ravens have dominated this series in recent years. the ravens are 8-0 against the brown. cleveland will arrive with a rookie quarterback and rookie running back. that can be a dangerous combination. four years ago, he had a rookie
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quarterback and rookie running back and won all of games, including against the cleveland browns. >> it's a first time for everything and you don't know how they're going to respond and they don't know how they're going to respond. same with the rookies we have now. >> much more on the ravens coming up tonight when our special guest will join us. he will enter the raven's ring of honor and he will talk about that and more. you can hear our interview and see our interview with him tonight at 10:30 this evening. the dustup over replacement officials gets bigger and louder night after night. president obama weighed in, saying he hopes to see a regular referees' return soon. after the monday night meltdown, why not? let's take you back to the final play -- seattle with a hail mary and the refs missed blatant pass interference and then
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missed jennings getting possession of the ball first, called a touchdown, didn't overturn it on review and the seahawks won. the n.f.l. issued a statement today supporting its officials and they're trying to demand respect for replacements in a place where they have to earn respect. it's not getting any better except for this note -- labor talks between the nfl and its regular referees didn't resume today. the orioles resume tonight against the toronto blue jays. they split a doubleheader, coming in knowing they've got eight games left and are very much in the driver's seat of going to the post season for only the third time in the 20- year history of camden yards. here is how the standings look going into tonight's game -- the orioles are a game and half out first. the yankees continue their series tonight in minnesota. the wild-card race could wind up living up to that name with the orioles have the top spot coming in tonight.
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oakland is a half-game back. the los angeles angels and the tampa bay within striking distance since the orioles will close out next week in tampa bay. ideal weather conditions here at the ravens camp. we've got more on how long that will linger in the seven-day forecast. forecast. which means our already low fares...are even lower.
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and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. >> here is a look at what we are working on tonight -- city police continue to investigate a man's death while he was in custody. the man is disputing the circumstances that resulted in his desk -- in his death. we will tell you what's in store as soon as 2014. we'll have these stories an anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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>> a beautiful day but things are about to change. >> things are changing as we speak. 80 degrees tomorrow. a little warmer with a southbury's and milder in the morning. sprinkles tonight with on and off it and miss showers. only 20% chance on thursday. we have to mention the possibility of a sprinkle and the same pattern holds and to the weekend before it dries out again. >> 80 degrees? that -- it was cold this morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> nbc nightly news with brian williams is next. >> goodnight.
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